1. Can I request customisations?

Unfortunately, due to UK labelling laws we are unable to add or remove any ingredients upon request. We will be adding more flavours and changing the recipe going forward. 

2. How are they cooked?

The best bit about our product is that all you have to do is remove the outer film and pop the wooden tray straight in the oven as per the cooking instructions enclosed. On top of this, the trays are fully compostable but also make great window sill plant pots :) 


3. Can I freeze my calzones?

Our calzones freeze excellently. Just defrost them in the fridge and cook from chilled rather than from frozen. 

4. How long will my calzones last in the fridge? 

Each package that you receive in the post will have a use-by-date printed on it, this is typically around 4 or 5 days but can sometimes be as low as 2. 

5. How do you keep my calzones cold in transit? 

We've spent months testing a range of different insulated packaging types and found that the Puffin brand has the best results. Puffin packaging uses responsibly sourced wool which is 100% biodegradable. Coupled with a cooling agent, which is fully reusable and recyclable, keeps your calzones chilled at under 8 degree's until you're home from work to collect your package. 

6. Is your packaging food safe?

Our packaging is 100% safe to use with food. To find out more head to the Puffin packaging website for more info. 

7. When will my order be delivered? 

We currently delivery every Wednesday, the next available day will be visible at the time of ordering and you can order up to 6 delivery days in advance. 

8. What if I'm not home for delivery? 

Don't worry, at the time of ordering we'll ask you for a "safe place" for the delivery driver to leave your package if you're not at home. This is mandatory as we're unable to accept returns unless your order isn't as promised. 

9. What can I do with my packaging? 

The delivery boxes and plastic wool liners are widely recycled.
The Wool insulation itself is biodegradable and can be composted at home.
The wooden trays are also biodegradable and also make great herb garden containers. 
Like the majority of plastic film, ours isn't yet recyclable but we're working on it.   

10. Gluten free? 

Unfortunately we don't currently have the facilities to offer Gluten Free calzones. 

The reality of safely providing GF portions, for us as a small independent business with a single kitchen space is challenging at this time. However it is something we're thinking about a lot.